2001 - 2017

Last night I said goodbye to my little boy. RIP Benjamin Netin Meowhoo (aka Stinky, Stink or Ben) I got Ben as a Kitten. He was such a good kitten/cat. He never had a litter box accident, never hissed at me or bit me out of anger or pain. He would sit on my lap quietly and let me clip his nails with out a complaint. He was a friend who was there for me during my many breakups, my study buddy in college and my cuddle buddy every single night of his life. He slepped only beside my head and I would fall asleep to the sound of him purring every single night. If I could average out the amount of purring he did in a day, I would say a full two hours. When he sat beside me, he wanted to be touching me, either with his head on me or his paw on my hand. If I was painting in my art studio, he insisted on being on my lap (which made painting difficult). So I devised a system where I would wrap him in under my shirt so I could have free hands. He would sit there and purr for hours while I looked pregnant with my baby bump.
I met my husband when Ben was 4 years old. It took Ben about 5 years to allow my husband to cuddle him. He was a one person cat. Mine. Loyal to the end. When I got cat sitters in when I was on a holiday, he would have nothing to do with them. He would be so happy to see me when I got back. It made me so very guilty to leave him. I was his most important relationship, and he was mine (beside my Husband). I feel like I have not only lost my cat, but a great, loyal, best friend. To me, he was my child and a companion. He will be so deeply missed by my husband and I, and his cat brothers Blue and Willy whom he kissed and hugged daily. I will never forget my little "Stinky".
Rest in peace sweet boy. You are loved.


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