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What to expect during a visit:

During our initial phone or email consult we are happy to discuss any concerns you have regarding your pet, their quality of life and what you can expect when making the difficult decision to say good bye.  Medications, health concerns, and other current therapies can be reviewed by Dr. Kirsten to help you determine whether euthanasia is the right choice for your pet. Once we have determined that euthanasia is the next step we will set up your appointment.

When we arrive at your place we spend a couple minutes filling our some paperwork. Essentially this form gives me permission to proceed with the euthanasia.  We use sedation in most of lour patients to allow them to drift into a pain-free, peaceful sleep. This often takes 10-20 minutes to take effect and allows you as much time as you need to say goodbye. We are always happy to be present or to give you privacy during these final moments.

The final injection will be given once you are ready and we will walk you through every step.  The euthanasia solution acts very quickly and is an overdose of an anesthetic.  While injecting the solution your pet will peacefully stop breathing. After the injection is given we will listen for their heart beat and let you know when they have passed.

We consider it a privilege to help with aftercare for your pet.  We work closely with a local cremation service that offers true private cremations as well as group cremations.  We transfer your pet to the facility and for all private cremations we co-ordinate a time to return your pets angel dust within 2-4 days. Should you wish to make your own aftercare arrangements let us know. 

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