2005 - 2017

Max was purchased for my son as a gift for his 17th Birthday ( July 21st ). When we picked him up after I had paid for him, I was dropped off at home and Blake proceeded to drive around in his truck showing off his new best friend. He was a big hit with everyone especially the girls. Max survived Parvovirus, putting braces on his teeth to move his Canine's and having surgeries to remove objects blocking his intestines. All in I called him my Million Dollar Dog. Slight exaggeration but I would have covered any costs that were needed. He was truly the best dog you could ask for, he loved everyone and everyone loved Max. He could always tell if you needed a sloppy kiss or needed to rub his belly. He was always so happy to see you even if you had only been gone for 5 minutes. In his last year he was treated weekly with Laser therapy, massage and the occasional swim in the tank. His last day was spent as blissful as can be a sunny day, bacon for breakfast, hot dogs for a snack, a trip to the Dairy Queen for his favorite ice cream cone and a steak cooked just for him in the afternoon. All his friends both human and canine came by to say good bye and then he went peacefully off to sleep. My house is now neat and tidy and very quiet, what I wouldn't do to have him back he has left a huge hole in my heart.

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