Jackson was such a special boy, with a heart of gold and a smile that lit up the room...and that white-tipped tail that wagged with pure joy.

The day we learned Jackson had cancer was one of the toughest ever. We were faced with plenty of decisions and a whole lot of uncertainty. If there was one thing we were sure of it was that every day he had left would be spent with love, treats, walks, wags, and all his favorite things.

Eventually Jackson started to have more bad days than good. Complications began to take over what were supposed to be his best days. He’d pull through tough bouts and would hang in there with all his might, but we knew in days to come that it would just be too much for our guy to handle.

Having Dr. Kirsten come to the house was such a fitting last day for Jackson. Her kind heart and warm smile were a perfect match to his. She was able to give Jackson the contentment to be at home, to have a bowl of ice cream, to have his favorite blanket to curl up on, to have his cat with him, to be able to lay with Mom and Dad so they could look into his eyes and tell him everything would be okay. It was truly nothing less than he deserved.

Thank you Dr. Kirsten...from the bottom of our hearts to the white tip of our tail
Ula, Dan & Jackson

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