2006 - 2017

We lost our beautiful Kona today. She died peacefully at home in our arms which we were truly thankful for. She has left a crater sized hole in my heart that I know will never truly be filled. Spending some time tonight remembering her and all we shared: I remember... Walks along the bow river when you were a pup and you were too tired to walk home, so I carried you in my back pack The vet commenting on your very muscular legs because of all of our mountain adventures Cross country skiing so fast because you would pull me (we only landed in the snowbank when there were really good smells and pee-mails) Your Tasmanian devil spins How wonderful you were with kids. I remember Katie being just over a year old and playing ball with you, you were so gentle.... you just knew you had to be You racing behind me at full speed while I was on my mountain bike Your Velcro like hiking ability when scrambling/hiking...
most memorable are heart mountain and crypt lake. "Teaching" you to swim in the bow river. Wading in up to my knees with treats. Rafting with you in my lap on Johnston Lake Backpacking to multiple campsites with you sleeping curled up on top of my feet and sleeping bag. You chewing up a brand new leather chair ... it was the only time I got mad at you and you didn't understand ... I still remember you wagging your tail when I put you outside.... it was impossible to stay mad Flying you to Halifax and showing you the cottage and the lake and having you meet some of the other family puppies.
Driving to Oregon with your nanny down the west coast of the US and camping with you in the trillium every night. When you disappeared in the bush in policemans creek and came back with a huge elk knee (that I heard you tear off the hidden carcass) you were so excited... I let you keep it until we got home How enthusiastic you were about eating the same thing for breakfast and dinner every night Hearing the thump thump of your tail on the floor in the morning when you were trying to be good and wait for everyone to wake up so you could eat. You are so loved my dear Kona... no one will ever replace the spot you hold in my heart.

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